Rookie of the year- 21 Shump Street

Best Comedic Performance- tie between CC and KS3

Villian of the year- Rono

Tyson award - Metro but only because he never stops, also Red

Most Controversial- Rono

Best Mod - 8's

Best Name - BananaSauce

Worst Name - ronoranina

RZA Award - Red

Thread topic of the year- StarMelo has ****ed the rep system, hatin ass bitch

Carpenter Award - 8's, all his threads lead to great discussions

Feud of the year - Rono v StarMelo, also MetroStern vs the fantasy league

GifMan Award Poster- NYK_Reloaded

Replier of the year- Red

MVP - I think Red was just on his **** mainly lately, he's been the one I've seen go the hardest in his posts this year good work boy