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fyi, i never participate in these awards because it's too hard for me to decide who'd better than anyone else at posting. I think everyone on this forum, even guy's i've had minor beefs with (no homo), contributes more or less equally, depending on their take on a player or situation.

however, i will point out the king of game threads, Crazy 8's, is the master of this forum, and has raised the bar for anyone who has contemplated making a GT.

Loco Ochos is also the best mod, as he consistently makes new and interesting threads and keeps order more than any of us moderates, other than Rady, who as the owner and creator of this KO forum, is like the god who oversees all.

I would like to give props to Red for his posts filled with insights and knowledge,ot Metrocard for being the best bully, most reputable and opinionated poster, to Smokes for his overall great posting (and for creating the greatest fantasy team i've ever seen), to King Starbury3 for making me laugh all the time, Paul1355 and OldTimer for their well thought-out observations, p0nder for his fantastic p0ndering, DZWons Son for putting it out there Rotterdam style, CA7 for keeping it real and interesting, Knicks4Life_1985 for his tireless contributions, StEpHoN mArBuRy for being who he is, Kiyaman for his individualism, sometimes insane posts that get across his point, bigapple for trying so hard despite his lack of english grammar, Rondoronanina for his intelligence, sense of justice, and for blowing sh*it up with that Starmelo f*cked up the system thread. OK he gets the thread of the year award for that.

these are all off the top of my head, i'm sure i missed a lot of quality posters here, because everyone who contributes makes KO Online the phenomenal experience that it is. Props to everyone!