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once again, panic mode sets in after a loss that Knicks surely could have won. someone blame Felton!

as a Red one pointed out recently, perimeter and interior D, along with rebounding are key components Knicks must strive to get better at. consecutive losses due to other team grabbing huge lead due to lack of perimeter D and dropping of 3's, or lack of interior D leading to in-the-paint scoring.

Hickson going wild, Batum hitting killer 3's, LaMarcus scoring/bounding at wll, Lilliard doing everything right. other than Melo and JR, who had it going on for NYK?

Brewer? Cope? Camby?
Novak, again invisible with 1 rebound in 20 minutes? suck!

1st game back for STAT, his contribution in 3Q gave a glimpse of what we can expect as he gets his rhythm and loses the rust. when Shump comes back NYK will get even better.

for now, Wood Son needs to concentrate on defense and stop teams from building up leads.

it doesn't make sense to waste your time with ridiculous fantasy trades, and what-if, could've should've BS. it's fine to blow up your fantasy team, but this is the real world with a thin team finally getting some of their best players back, slowly but surely... have faith. as long as Knicks stay in the hunt, and get healthy, good things are bound to happen. losses happen, sh*it happens.

where's the Felton haters now? Kidd and Prig aint' gettin it done. seems we need Ray's game to pound it into the paint, and even if he's missing, get Chandler the put backs he hasn't had in the last couple losses.

whatever, Knicks were outhustled again. STAT's back and that's that.
At 11 games over .500, panic isn't an option.

But I have to say my patience is wearing on Novak. Between he and Brewer 0 points! O'hell no, let's not get I twisted... no more invisible man ****.

Bench this dude and anyone who doesn't contribute. Really this is a great learning experience becaue what we saw early was a bit of fools gold or false positive.

As everyone and their mother has noticed:
1. Can't rely too much on threes. Note to coach, IF THE 3'S AREN'T DROPPING- DRIVE TO THE LANE. Hello coach!?!

2. Novak is becoming as useless as tits on a bull. Have a seat alllllll the way down there please.

3. Size = better defense & rebounding which = wins.

Our team defense is "slipping". Recognize our defenders and play them coach. I see we miss Sheed (who played D) and Shump can't return soon enough.

So the lesson is without our top notch D it's a crap shoot. In order to achieve this we have to take a step back and re-evaluate. Smith deserves to start. Novak must sit. Injuries must heal. And we still need time to gel.

Talk about taking a step back to take 2 forward.