Last night was the start of the 4th part of our 8-part season. We've completed 3/8ths so far, and after 9 games will be at the halfway mark.


This is what we did the first 3 parts of 10-block sets. NOt too shabby, especially b/c playing w/out Melo caused us to drop to 6-4 in our last stint of 10 games.

Sure, we lost last night. EVEN PLAYING LIKE CRAP though, Melo still had a look from downtown that would have tied it with 15 seconds left. And if he didn't miss 2 free throws late in the game, it might have been a game winner.

SAC beat us at the buzzer.

Let's face it, the WEST is causing us fits. MEM, DAL, LAK, HOU (2x), SAC, POR. On the EASTERN FRONT, we've lost to BKN and CHI twice.

Knicks are doing what they need to do. SImple as that. The must finish with a top-3 seed, and if they do they avoid MIA until the Eastern Conf Finals. It appears we are on track to accomplish that.

Sure, we struggle at the free throw line (and even getting there). We are near the bottom in the NBA rebounding and sihing out assists. In the long run, if this continues, this will be our downfall. Giving opponents 2nd and 3rd chances, missing FTs and not moving the ball on offense...

BUT, Knicks have built a cushion. Next 3 months is all about getting healthy and working Amar'e, Shumpert, Camby & Sheed into the rotation.

The Felton injury hurts. Kidd and Priggs don't appear to be capable to handle the duties. It might be time to look elsewhere or ask Smith to run the offense.

We live and die by the 3... That is also evident. I don't trust NOvak at all. He is the Nick Swisher of NBA. Over the course of 82 games, he'll knock down a ton of 3s... BUt in a big game, in a big spot, he is the last guy I want to see firing the ball. If he isn't hitting the 3, get him off the court.

Brewer will be out of the rotation the moment Shump returns, and Kut Thomas is showing he offers little as well.

Last night was about the poor guard play from Novak-Kidd-Priggs. It was about 2 starters not scoring (Kidd & Thomas). BLaming the loss on AMAR'E and lack of chemistry with Melo is stupid.

With that said, Amar'e having 1 rebound is an omen. If he doesn't crash the boards, then he doesn't deserve to be on the court.