I feel like coach Dambtony is still here coaching first half of last 10 or so games. No D, no passion, indifference.
It feels like coach Woodson comes back and replaces Mike in the lucker room before the second half, puts some fire under knick players asses, they come out after the brake swinging, fighting, defending, running, but guess what? Its too late fellas, the game is preatty much over because you gave all the confidence, momentum to your opponent and there is not much you can do to turn it around. Too late.
I watch Knicks since 1990, and it never changed. We always playing down to competition, it does not metter if we have a good team or bad team.
Hard to explain it but its true. I know other teams do it too, but real championship contenders dont. Miami could be an exeption here, as they lose here and there to bad teams, but i guarantee you that they will have a better record than us and will have a home court advantage in the playoffs.
I dont think we can beat them if we dont have a home court adv.
We will see, i hope i am wrong, but losing to bad teams at home or on the road may hurt us in the long run.
Woody is a good coach, i am sure he understans this, but lets see if he can fix this problem.