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    Originally Posted by bigapple
    Duncan is 36 he is taller and he is playing much more
    Which Duncan?

    Tim Duncan:
    last 5 games 29.8 mpg

    this season 30.3 mpg

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    Originally Posted by pat
    I believe, that's too global a statement. The taller you are, the more injury prone you become. It's mere physics. Just look how long certain guards have lasted in the NBA: Mark Jackson, John Stockton, Steve Nash ....
    If you are a penterate and pitch/score guard like Iverson, Westbrook, Lin etc., you will have less time, but if you generally keep you feet on the ground, take longe range shots and pass first, you have a better chance to stay in the league for a longer time than a heavy big man with considerable playing time.
    U mean don't rely on athletism. Which bigs like tim duncan doesn't rely on. Bigs play longer then guards. Its global because it's the majority of the case therefore it's an accurate statement.

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    there were teams that PG scores more points but there were also teams that centers scores more

    in Chicago eveything is with D-Rose

    in Houston most it was bout Olajuwon

    in San Anotion is mostly Duncan Parker and Ginobili
    but Spurs is such good organization that no team in last decade had such many positive records played in such many semis and had 3 titles.

    for me they playing boring basket but successful

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