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You're being stubborn.
You have no information that proves CP3 is a bad closer.

It's not clutch to you? Who are, Steve Nash? Lets see you make a free throw when the game is the on the line. Basketball isn't as easy as you think. Come back to reality.

CP3 stats from 2012 still indicate the dude is an elite player in the 4th quarter, he has the ability to preform, not only in the previous season but all throughout his career, and theres nothing you have to prove he can't do it this year. CP3 ain't Pau Gasol, you're acting stubborn and illogical assuming CP3 lost this closer ability.

You haven't watched enough Clippers games well enough then. Paul is the reason why Clippers are elite. MVP behavior? That doesn't even exist. Come up with something more understandable and atleast take the time make sense and explain it better, you're talking out of your ass right now...haven't provided any objective information to this thread and really talking out of how you feel on CP3 and not what you know about him, which is showing to be very little. Paul guided the Clippers to a 16-0 record -- the best monthly mark in franchise history -- in which they won their games by an average of 15.8 points. The Clippers joined the 1995-96 Spurs and 1971-72 Lakers as the only teams in NBA history to complete a calendar month with a record of 16-0. You really gotta shut up about this "Chris Paul passing up shots" nonsense. He's by far the best player on his team and his team is elite, keeping it simple for you, he's the biggest factor on that team. You don't need to close out games when your team is winning the games by 15 points on average, numb nuts.

With Chris Paul at the helm, the Clippers have compiled a 25-8 record. Chris Paul is top 3-4 in PER and it's only going to increase.
Exactly, this year he has rarely been required to close out games for them because they win by large margins. The close games they have been involved in they mostly lose. Why is this? Yep you guessed it, because CP3 has a hard time creating a play in the half court down the stretch of close games (this isn't just on CP3, it's on the team as a whole).

Same reason I stated previously that I don't think they will be hugely successful in the playoffs. They could go through a couple of rounds but they won't beat OKC in the playoffs.

I would hazard a guess that I've watched more Clipper games than you this season, as I said I watch them whenever I can to see Bledsoe and also because they're an enjoyable team to watch.

I'm sure if you've been watching you've heard the Clippers announcers talking about their concerns over CP3 passing up wide open shots to the detriment of the team.

Sorry but seriously if you watched the game last night I don't know what you think about that performance was clutch... The Clippers nearly lost a 16 point lead in the fourth quarter. They could not make a play during the last 5 minutes of the game. Chris Paul hit one wide open 15 footer and got to the rim ONCE where he was routinely blocked by MWP but luckily D12 decided to foul him over the back.

He did not draw a single foul apart from the dubious one mentioned above, every other FT he hit the foul was given by the Lakers in an effort to get back into the game. Why are you even talking about ME taking free throws? Did I ever say I am in the MVP race? What I'm saying is I don't consider hitting free throws when you are leading by 4-6 points massively clutch. There's nowhere near the same pressure as when you're the trailing team or the game is down to one possession.

If you want to talk stats then let's talk stats.

The PER rating that you've been banging on has a quite simple guide for the level of a player.

25 PER is rated as "Weak MVP candidate"
30 PER is rated as "Strong MVP candidate"

CP3 sits on 25.7 PER (Weak MVP candidate), behind several players including Kobe, Melo, Lebron, Durant.

As I said several times, CP3 is the best PG in the league, is definitely in the MVP race. But is he the front runner? No way.