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You're not wrong, he's leading his team to wins and that's awesome. I'm still undecided as to whether the Clips are legit title contenders though. They look great in the regular season but in those close, grind it out half court games they look pretty terrible unless Crawford is shooting lights out.

I just don't see him as a front runner right now because other players like Kobe, Lebron, Melo, Durant all put their teams on their backs and win games that they should have lost.

What do you reckon about the Crawford vs JR Smith 6th man debate?
I kinda favor JR Smith because he's came up defensively this season, both are sub 20 PER players, average about the same numbers; but JR Smith has taken the lead role when Melo was out and at moments, stepped up as a floor leader (a case where it goes beyond the numbers)

It's close. Like I said earlier, from KD to Duncan...and all the elite players between them I won't be made if they get the MVP if they all keep up their great play.

To consider our time table, it is January and around this time, Amar'e was getting MVP considerations in his first season as a Knick; he finished 5th I believe but guys can fall out of this race with just one injury...I think Durant is really pushing his game to the next level with the improved passing, defense and rebounding. Miami has to make a trade to get a center, preferably Dalembert/Gooden from the Bucks since they're not using those guys much.