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Let Prigs put up 38 pts in a game (Lin 2x) and we can talk.
Don't you remember when Melo came back from injury last season and Linsanity was in full effect? Lin did a terrible job finding Melo, the best offensive option on the team, throughout every game. Melo would score measly numbers of 14, 16, 18 points. Lin's inability to feed Melo was evident when Lin got injured and Melo started playing monster bball to carry us to a playoff spot.

Being able to put up more points doesn't mean he's a better point guard. It's all about being able to set up teammates for easy and comfortable baskets. I think Prigs does a better job distributing the ball quickly in order to find the open man or the best player on the court.

Lin = better scorer
Prig = better passer = better PG

He's done it for years and years in Euroleague basketball, and has been the starting PG for a very talented Argentina team in FIBA and the Olympics, I think its safe to say that he's got more skills as a PG than Lin, who I admit still has a lot of potential for improvement.