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This right here. **** your "oh he should of kept his cool" bull****. I'm a grown ass man and if someone said that **** to me, i'd be collecting some teeth.

Probably doesn't help that supposedly Melo and LaLa are "separated" right now. That's hard for anyone to deal with, without media and opposing players shouting **** like this in your ear.

Regardless The NBA is supposed to be a professional league held to the highest standard. It's not some ****ing high school court or the blacktop corner courts. KG should grow the **** up.

KG, Rondo and Pierce are diva's and bitches. Completely entitled *******s who think the sun shines out their ass cause they got 1 ring after colluding to get to Beantown (with ray ray who bolted after rondo proved to be too much of a pain in the ass). KG knows that Melo outclasses their entire team on his own so he plays dirty and talks smack talk about another man's wife and baby momma. He's a chump and a coward. Wouldn't talk to Melo face to face like a man, wouldn't face him after the game. He's a straight up b!tch pu$sy.

Melo knows that he let his emotions effect his game. He knows he can't let the negativity in on him. I know that this is the kind of thing that will only prove to motivate Melo. He's not gonna let people get under his skin like that from now on. And in fact he's gonna step it up and continue his MVP campaign. KG just kicked the hornets nest here and he's gonna regret it. His career is done and he's going out like a chump.

Can't wait for the next Boston game. I know Melo and the Knicks can't either.
100% powerful truth here.

Anyone who credits Pierce/Garnett need to re-check themselves. These guys are nothing but jackoffs and the league would be a better place without them.