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    Quote Originally Posted by mrknickcarter View Post
    I'm saying theres a point where it stops being trash-talk and it starts being invites for a fight. That's my point. Contrary to your belief I have played high school ball for a scholarship and my mindset doesn't change. I understand as a competitor you say stuff to get in your opponent's head, but keep it about the game/team. The moment you bring in family you have demonstrated a level of disrespect that needs to be checked. It's amazing how many people know what Melo should have done, but most of you guys here know if that was you in that situation, you'd most likely be facing a suspension for going after KG.

    There's a method in life called .. first-time last-time .. are u familiar with the method?

    RobLow familiar with that method, "dude tells me had sex with my wife and mother of my child he's getting his jaw shattered.".

    I am clueless on the topic KG & Melo were trash talkin to each other about .. are u sure u know what they were saying? this gossip-rumor of KG trash-talking about Melo's wife, annnd KG wasnt knocked into the stands, or elbow to the face, or accidently kicked in the jewel, or tripped/stomped two or three times for dissrespecting the next man wife .. got me on hold .. Why? because KG wouldve been made a big example on the court and off the court.
    Or is Melo PUdddddy

    For me to believe KG were steady trash talking about Melo's wife, and all Melo did was get into a hug match that got both technicals .. My ex-wife would expect me to collect a Flagrant -2, 3, 4, and 5 plus get bailed-out.

    Do u recall it was Boston's offense that kept running the same play all 4 quarters that kept switchin Melo to defend KG .. Melo had plenty of oportunities to run into KG with a high elbow on any of those switches.

    Melo shot 6 for 26, plus Boston small-man defense outscored us in 3 quarters ....
    looks to me like KG had plenty of trash-talking to do about the MVP Melo Knicks with the return of Fire extinguisher Stat, or how Boston swept us in the postseason, or how Melo made Billups, and Lin era with the Knicks short, plus how's the relation with teammate Camby who believe Melo had a lot to do with his trade to the Clippers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingStarbury3 View Post
    I wonder how Mrs. Garnett feels about his comments. Its a damn shame, hes got a little girl too. KG is insecure about his basketball skills and abilities, always has been. Thats why he has to resort to these tactics. All the sh*t he said to Duncan over the years, the mothers day comment and another game where he slapped duncan in the back of the head and ran away....Duncan never talked trash. He just whooped Garnetts ass on the court, 44 and 17 all time against him. I think Carmelo learned a valuable lesson, it takes man to admit when hes wrong. Im proud of Melo for saying he got to emotional even though it is understandable. Chandler also shouldnt be letting a rookie get under his skin, a few other players have been able to do this as well. You gotta be the bigger man and win on the court. Then talk trash after the game. Speaking of talking trash, i dont know why all these Boston fans are gassed up. They're still in 8th place, 6 games behind us. We're a half game behind the Heat for 1st place
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