I'm somewhat familiar to the situation, only because Jeremy Lin happens to play for the Rockets.........

It is hard to tell whether White is in the right or wrong..... The two things that makes me go against White is the fact he's not working on his game, and he's constantly Tweeting about his condition, making a big deal over it. (Maybe independent workouts are not allowed by the CBA, I don't know.) Big time drama queen, if you will. The Rockets fans think he's now using his condition as a ploy to just take the contract money and run.

I think White may have convinced himself that the NBA travel procedures, without amendment, would be totally incompatible with his condition. So he's now bent on never playing a single game in the NBA.

Even before the issue hit a boiling point, I've seen White play in limited practice...... He struck me as someone who never really had a good fundamental game, doesn't play defense, and constantly looks for an opportunity to make a "highlight reel" play. (As if he were trying out for the Harlem Globetrotters. This might now be his only lucrative option.) The fact he refused to take his D-League assignment further reinforces this impression, because I do think showing off under D-League conditions won't go very far. And lack of a fundamental game in such environment might expose him as nothing more than a bench player at best.