Remember the Potential David Lee for Theo Ratliff deal?

This is when we thought bringing in former Larry Brown
Vets (which Brown loves) for Rookies (which Brown hates) would catapult us to the playoffs..would've been the worst move of Isiah era and that's saying a lot

Wilson Chandler for Rudy Fernandez

This was rumored when we were trying to turn our team into a Mike Dantoni type Euro club w 3 Euros in our starting 5 in Mozgov Fernandez and Gallo

Ray Felton Gallo Wilson draft pick for D Will

Utah said had Nets nabbed Melo they would've turned to us to dump Williams before he left for bigger market...we probably would've done this deal to save face just like The Nets did

D Will for Melo

Mike Dantoni's last push to save his job. Rumor has it he went management his last days here with this idea they rejected and now Melo is an MVP candidate and Woody Coach of Year candidate as well as Glen GM of Year candidate