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Damn Metro u got armies going after u these days. We might have to hunt down Akamu and ABCD, get TeamStarbury back together and son these fools until they catch feelings and leave the site

Yea hes still one of mine too. I can honestly say hes the only player on the Lakers thats truly doing what hes suppose to do. I wanna say the same about Kobe but his defense/leadership has been a little too inconsistent for me to say that.

I think Ron Ron got even better at defending Paula Pierce over the years. He was a big reason why the Lakers beat the Bostdone in the 2010 finals in my opinion

I thought i was the only one that had noticed this, f*cks the deal with Pierces defense? Its really fallen the f*ck off this year

I'd pipe that.....

What i mean is I'd beat that he she with a pipe...not my pipe, well what i mean is a pipe that has liquid running through it. What im trying to say here is I think i messed up here

Yea, Pierce is probably like top 3 worst SF defender in the league, he gets saved by KG and friends.

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No, at first I thought it's gay from metro, but it's metro guy from Bronx.
looks like a Polish guy trying to be a Metro Girl from the Bronx