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    Originally Posted by CoolClyde
    ^we should move this conversation to the hangout, movie section.

    if Tower Heist is only movie you've seen with Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller, I don't blame you for hating both actors. watch the movies I mentioned, especially Eddie's stand-up movies "Delirious" and "Raw".

    i heard Intouchables is an excellent movie, i have it on my Netflix queue.

    i'd like to see Bart's TV show, if there are english subtitles.

    Trzymaj si ́!
    No mine fuvorite movie with Murphy was mid 80s Beverly Hills cop whole trilogy i even will catch this movie in Blu Ray

    + mine friend was OWN OST from that movie and ge gave me that CD as GIFT and that means a lot to me coz i was borrowing that disc many times coz there was no CD burners in that times

    then Metro

    good choice and u are lucky for Netflix but this is NTSC quality only? or u can watch 720p too?

    this bart show its called [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    there are also some other series / nothing in english but u can just check some photos [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] /

    Bart is his real name but in that series he is called boobie from boobs

    he is playing same role as father

    this is polish production u can watch it only when u meet polish person in Bronx or other place in Ny but it must be some1 who know that series

    i will watch for sure your listed movies coz i changed mine Home system so finally i wana use it

    btw i dont know if u are DIRECTV subsciber or DISH

    but check this

    u can try subscribe for one month this channel and just check u will see for 31 days lot mine stuff but in SD only

    thanks and i realy appreciate your word "trzymaj sie" its really nice to see that from You
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