The Big East Edition threads are for match-ups against the East's upper echelon teams. Each Big East Edition will feature a mini video mix of a particular Knick.

In this edition, I'll be bringing you a mini mix of Carmelo Anthony!!!!

Please bear in mind that these Big East GT mixes are just slap-togethers, and at the end of the season I'll cook up some winners. Considering that I slapped this together during half time of the Celtics game, it's not too bad.

The Pacers finished 2012 with an 8-2 record in their final 10 games, and are now 5th in the Eastern Conference and tied for first place in the Central Division with Chicago.

Behind second year phenom Paul George's rounded, intelligent and athletic game, the Pacers have stepped out of their early season funk, and look to make a splash against New York at home in what will certainly be a pivotal win for both teams, as the Pacers continue to rise, and the Knicks continue to decline with on/off nights.

Stop George!

This kid is such a catalyst for his team. With a nose for the ball and a polished game on both ends, taking him out of his game in any way will assist the Knicks in maintaining 2nd seed ahead of Atlanta, as they slump further and further away from their early season form.

The dude's just f*cking cool. Friendly, chips in, made a nice debut GT recently......A fine and necessary presence on KO.

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