I dont know how many of u was watching Knicks Pacers on TNT lot of you 4 sure were watching @ MSG

So during halftime Barkley again added his coins that Knicks not only sux he simply dont believe on this team + he simply was ridicule himself in company of Shaq and Kenny . Kenny interrupted Barkley and reminded that Knicks are still 2nd in the East


Barkley says Knicks r out from playoffs 1st round this season

Jet screams with who Bucks!!!??

Barkeys was again embarsed coz he dont know who will be 7-8th seed IF knicks will end as 2-3rd.


then Barkleys changed speaking and tell that he loves Carmelo loves J-Kidd and JR

Shaq and Kenny was loling from Barkley then halftime was ended