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i wasn't defending or putting down the knicks. i was just saying rebounding can be a misleading stat at times.

Rebounding is not a misleading stat .. I fear Miami making a trade for a strong rebounder before the Feb. trade deadline .. offensive-rebounds give them 2nd-chance shots, dominating the defensive-glass gives oponents one shot.

Coach Woodson have to pickup our poor team rebounding to reach above average rebounding before the return of Felton to give us an average of 90 shot attempts per game .. we have a rotation of (seven) players that deserve 8 to 10 shot attempts per game throughout the midseason .. Tyson, Amare, Melo, Novak, JR, Shump, Felton, all have to be apart of the teams offensive-scoring for us to make it to the ECF.
So the rebounding have to be improve by Woody forcing our bigmen frontcourt (Tyson/Amare/Melo/Novak/and rookie Copeland) to boxout for each other in the paint .. stop all the senseless shooting from the peremeter when no Knicks-bigmen is in the paint (JR/Felton/Melo)...