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I think the decrease is all those player performance threads. If a lurker comes and see that one day and comes back the next day and sees it again it looks like the thread or sites gets no action because they won't bother going inside of it. For instance this whole melo fasting bit, maybe that deserves a thread of its own. (not saying it does or doesn't) but the only way to make that determination is to make it a separate thread and see what action it brings. There's so many threadworthy things that are just mixed in with those player performance threads. It makes the site look outdated. And why in the world is roger masons name one of the first things u see on the home page. Thats a joke and a complete deterrent to incoming traffic to the,site

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How do we really know the actions and behaviors of lurkers?

and Melo fasting is currently being discussed right now, feel free to drop in your two cents. If you think it's better to open up the Melo fasting situation as a new topic, feel free to send me a PM and I'll do it for you. I'm here to listen and make this site more enjoyable for fellow posters like yourself. This isn't what I say, you can moderate too I'm just the guy who clicks the buttons.

I don't think it's fair to knock the player performance threads; everyone should have a resource to discuss a player's performance or their update. Having separate things can help, but not all the time. Let's not see this in black and white. Player performance threads has ELIMINATED redundant threads and that was the whole purpose of them.

forums.nyyfans.com/ is the most respected and credible Yankee fan forum on the internet. They run the player performance format and it has been nothing but success for them. Want on update on a player? Click on their profile thread and you got it. Instead of scrambling and scrolling all over the player for a thread.

Both sides have their positives and negatives, so why not have both? It's up to you too so it's great if we get to discuss this and understand it more.

Thank you.

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I think the decrease of popularity that this site has experienced is due to the Lin bandwagoners leaving and joining that Houston Rockets forum that used to stalk my posts

Linsanity was crazy...forum traffic was basically as big as when Carmelo come to the team or when Isiah got fired...or when Knicks got Francis on their squad.

Who stalked your post though? lemme know.