The Catalyst.
Without him driving and getting players involved we are a bunch of individual parts. He can knock down the occasional three and he brings a toughness to this team.

The Mouth.
He provides valuable depth, leadership, defense, IQ, and has a touch all the way out to the three point line. His length gives teams problems and his attitude motives. He too adds a level of toughness.

The Neophyte.
I think the short video clip below says it all but just in case it doesn't...
He provides much needed and anticipated perimeter defense as well as athletic ability. This not only helps him get to the basket but increases our overall level of athleticism. Brewer nor JR were never going to supplant him if things went right.

We are not good enough to get by without a full arsenal of our best players, no team is. Let's not get it twisted, we need them.

There is little to no difference between the top teams in the NBA. A player here, an off/on night, an injury there and things change on a dime. Look at last years playoffs; both IND and OKC had series leads on the eventual champs. And one of their stars was hurt.

In order for us to win a chip we'll be riding the razors edge... hoping everything goes right for us.