I have never been a Felton fan, but when he is not playing hero ball he can be very effective. We definitely miss him. Kidd's age is catching up to him. Though he is a great floor general, he cannot keep up with most guards defensively and he lacks the quickness for a dribble penetration offensive game.

We also miss Sheed and the Amar'e that we originally signed. Amar'e seems to have lost his explosiveness.

As for Shump, I wonder whether his shot and his handle at the rim will have improved. His mechanics always looked good but he tends too often to lose the ball at or close to the rim when he drives. Perhaps his hands are relatively small. I trust he has done a a massive amount of shooting during his recovery. I have high hopes for Shump. He is very bright and appears to work very hard. And he has an outsized personality. In that respect, he is Clyde like. He has a bright future even after his playing days end.