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Kidd's weaknesses are showing at the 1. He's too slow to get in the lane, and when guarding quicker PG's he;s getting beat (to be fair so too was Felt, but Felt gets in the lane much better). He's better at the off-guard making one if two quick decisions; shoot or pass.

And yeah, IF they are our problem there's nothing more we can do. But so far two of them have contributed to a solid start, and Shump has the potential.

When considering us clicking on all cylinders, the good should outweigh the bad.

*BTW Felton's decline coincides with a broken hand(s) injury. Can't fault him for being tough and competitive knowing we have talent to replace him.
Those who bash Felton for whatever the reason can't see what he brings us beyond what he puts out statistically.

Felton's drives puts tremendous pressure on oppossing D which opens so much for other players.

before Kidd hit that 3 to beat The Nets Felton sucked the D in on penetration then the ball was kicked to Kidd for a 3! This is what Ray brings

A PG who gets into the lane and can pass (and has a finisher like Tyson) is a nightmare now add that with the other nightmare for opposing D's in the form of Melo and it is easy to see why we got out to that fast start.

Kidd and Pablo are not PG's who breakdown they D they penetrate on Pick and Rolls and pump fakes

Felton is not a flawless PG, shot selection and passes are questionable to say the least sometimes and there are times on D that I wanna just cry because his man has made the most basics of slashes or drives and gotten to the hoop....but he still is a very valuable player for us.

He's not just quicker than Pablo and Kidd but a much better finisher around the basket...again there still leaves some to be desired since he does blow some layups (usually at the worst times) but no other PG we have gets to the hoop as good as him and even when he misses Tyson can usually tap out, rebound and go back up or dunk it back in.

Great Thread Red!

Sheed is missed

Shump for sure is missed; all I can think about it is imagine if he never got hurt got that playoff experience against The Heat and had an entire off season to get better...for-get-a-bout-it!!!!!

Felton is sorely missed!