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This is where I really feel like as fans we jinxed ourselves.

We're putting too much hope on an average PG like Felton.

He ain't Tony Parker baby.
1. I think Ray is an above average PG

but that's where people have gotten really mixed up with the influx of superstar PG's in the past 7 years or so....your PG is not meant to be your star but rather a catalyst (like Red put it) for your team.

When you have a Superstar like Melo who puts so much pressure on other teams then you just need a steady hand at PG

Look at the past 5 NBA champions


Rondo was just a sophomore and still finding his way when Boston won so it was not superior PG play that won it for them but rather a steady floor general managing the talent around him (like I said Felton is for us)

Derrick Fisher too was just a heady PG who Quarterbacked a ton of talent

Kidd was beyond Superstar years w/ Dallas averaging 8 pts 8 assist and shooting .360 from field

and we all know that Chalmers is just a role player (albeit an important one just like Raymond is for us) for his team.

Does a star PG hurt? no! Just not necessary

would I love a Toney Parker or Chris Paul....of course!

But I'd also take Patrick Ewing over Tyson at the center position! LOL

Felton isn't an elite PG but plenty good for the talent that we have.

Raymond has been the best Knick PG in the past 4 seasons and had we not had to give him up in that trade w Denver he Amare and Melo wouldve gotten us past Boston in the first round of the playoffs in 2010!

The proof of his worth is our play since he went down.