That is assuming there is not setbacks with Shump Felton or Amare's return.

As we know and the Lakers are finding out right now, just getting players back on the court does not equate to success in fact it leads to underachievement most times.

We need all 3 of these players to compete but the fact that the 3 of them have never played together collectively and they are expected to be big contributors for us we are gonna have to give it time.

This means.....

No Fire Woody threads should be created (yet there will be some)

No "We should have traded Shump for..." or "we should trade Shump for.. threads (yet there will be)

It's gonna take time, we won't be terrible (we still have the talent to beat the lottery and low playoff seed teams on a regular basis) but we are gonna look unorthodox and clumsy for the next few weeks

Short Sighted analyst will say our struggles attribute to us not being that good to begin with....that's a lie! Our team is really good

It's gonna take time to gel...and Woody is a good enough coach to get it to work...he's also a smartest enough coach not to force them all in there together which is why it will take longer....a lesser coach would throw them all in there together and we then would start losing to those lottery teams and less talented playoff squads and the moral will be affected

If Shump is back Thursday and Raymond the following then it will be 3 weeks before they are both playing like themselves...then they will then have to gel together.

Point is....lets prepare for a rough stretch and know there is a huge light at the end of the tunnel.