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    I think the media was up to it's old tricks again, and using the word "spy" to make Dolan look like a ****. I hate Dolan, and I hate myself right for defending him because I know he's capable of being the lowest scumbag on earth but this can help Melo from getting suspended again. If Dolan could have put out audio of what KG said to Melo than things would of been a little more interesting.

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    I'm pretty sure Dolan isn't interested in using audio AGAINST his player. I heard on the radio that this is to protect Melo. How? I'm not sure but perhaps he feels if there is something personal said that would prompt a reaction like last week then he could at least try to avoid a suspension.

    Guys are so quick to shiit all over Dolan at every chance. The guy isn't stingy with money and allows GMs to manage. Chill out.
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    Dolan just added another thing to trash-talk about .. Dolan's boy

    Some peeps need to be more open-minded about things .. trash-talking has always been in proffessional sport since the word proffesional .. I luv John Starks trash talking.
    The Timberwolves KG used to be the one complaining about all the trash-talking, now that KG has a ring, plus ready to retire ......................

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    Dolan is the greatest corporate clown that there is. He deserves a lifetime prison sentence for all the hell that he's put Knicks fans and Time Warner cable subscribers through during the past decade. Just reading his name gives me flu-like symptoms. I just don't understand how the NBA and David Stern continues to allow these billionaire yuppies to make NBA franchises look like a joke.
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    I don't think this was a serious move, he most likely did this to protect his assets (Melo), it sends a message to the other teams. Players will see those mics and think twice about trash talking because the whole league was put on notice that Melo has thin skin, especially when it comes to the issues concerning his wife. I don't think anyone wants to take a chance getting a fine or suspension over some trash talking BS.

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