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    Game Thread KnicksOnline postgame meeting in London

    I know there is a London thread already, but this needs to stay visible. Please, make it sticky for the time being and you could merge it into the previous London thread after the game.

    So, I talked to ChrisN7 and it sounds like we'll be hanging out together right after the game. I already PMed some posters I knew were planning to attend the game, but decided to make this thread in order to discuss the details. So, anyone's up to meeting in London? There is only a couple of days left, so you better make up your mind while there is time!

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    Yeah I figured the easiest thing to do would be to meet somewhere at the O2, maybe the main entrance or something distinctive and then find a bar or something when everyone is together. I don't know the area too well so any better suggestions are more than welcome!

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    You guys should pimp out while you're at the game, get some business cards or a banner or something, start some chants etc

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