I have mixed feelings about the feud going on between Crazy 8's and Metrocard. I respect both of them and feel the site isn't the same without either one of them. Metro was banned awhile back and came back guns ablazing, and earned himself the moderator role he wanted to help the forum along.

Crazy 8's has been one of the most creative, profuse posters in recent memory, and his game threads are classic works of intensity and research.

Feuds have long been one of the necessary factors on KO. hell, the forum is all about opinions; arguments are bound to ensue, and feuds to follow.

However, with both Metro and 8's each having the power of MODERATOR, one has accused the other of deleting their posts and threads that evidently struck a nerve, leading 8's to his decision to leave the forum, start his own website, and most importantly, leave on a bad note.

Perhaps moderators shouldn't have the ability to move/delete other moderator's posts/threads, and leave that to godhead Rady. just a thought.

I've been friends with Crazy 8's for years on this forum, and that has extended to PM's, facebook, email and beyond. I truly think he's way creative and a fantastic asset to this forum. He's gone above and beyond with his game threads, started making videos, and cruised to other sites to recruit others to KO. I commend him for his effort.

I've been following Metrocard since I joined at the beginning of the Antoni regime, I've watched and cringed as he tore apart posters who got on his case, and I've had my own disagreements with him that I felt were better left to fizzle in the ether, rather than build to a personal vendetta.

Unfortunately, Crazy 8's current argument with Metrocard relates to both of them having moderator power and taking the argument past personal name-calling and actually moving sh*t around, deleting, etc.

I refuse to take a side in this matter, but I wish them both the best, and when/if 8's actually starts a new site, I told him I'm happy to contribute. but in the grand scheme of things, I hope he'll stay at KO, get past the bullsh*it, and work things out with Metrocard.

it doesn't make sense to have bad vibes on this site, it's all about the Knicks, Melo, Wood Son, the playoffs, and bleeding Orange and Blue. but most importantly, it's about sharing opinions, agreeing, disagreeing and moving forward to the next game, the next week, the team becoming the best they can be with STAT and SHUMP coming back strong, and this forum naturally getting stronger as Knicks gain strength as well.

that's my take. it's getting a bit ridiculous seeing both of them eating up different threads with this matter, perhaps we can leave it here in this thread? IMHO.