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Go follow Crazy8.
No one knows who you are on this site. You zero contributions and if you leave today, the forum will have thoughtless memories of you.
Before you come here talking a bucket load of crap; check yourself because you definitely ain't no solution here.
Crazy8 made himself leave the forum. I was passive the entire time till he started harassing my PM's and diverting the topic into 3-4 different threads. Why am I taking blame for a situation that was started and instigated in the first place? Every attempt Crazy had to throw insults or pointlessly rant, I moved it to a different section of the forum, non Knick related.

What is hilarious is that if this situation was the other way around where I was harassing Crazy through PMs, cursing him out, you guys would cry from the connection of some gayass online relationship with a guy you never met, so the bias is heavy.

You share Crazy8s obsessive personality...do you really care that much that your life can't move on, you pouring your emotions out? Exposing yourself here desperately. You guys really sound like a bunch of b*tches at a Victoria Secret store where their main item was sold out. Put some testerone into your body, your manlove for the guy in this thread is on FULL BLAST. I would edit that post so you come off looking so homosexual.

Not only you don't look like an individual, but just another testicle for Crazy.

The other mods here aren't even active for you to say anything about them, so you're full of sh*t. A forum is a forum, you come here to talk about basketball, not stress out how pretty it looks especially since you probably look like a pieceof**** in real life. I kept this forum up to date by posting recent articles, opening conversations, debates, and a variety of discussions for members to be active, and anyone who really hates on that is full of crock, can't let go of a personal vendetta from the past or are just afraid to confront me. I'm tired of these posh posters having sympathy for a wimp ass dude like Crazy8. Softcore posters easily amused by glitter. Do what you want, but come around here giving me sh*t.

He couldn't handle an opinion and cried over it. Crazy8 lost, exposed himself as a weak person.
He especially exposed himself as a fraud, announcing 3 times in 2 days that he was leaving the site, and his weakass cried when his farewell thread got moved. If that's not emotional I don't know what is. Even worse, Crazy8 is exposing himself by sending out his fairymen to speak for him.

Gay-online-relationships. Considering your worth in life when you're sent to do duties for a guy who cries over a poll on an internet forum.
A great job? This isn't even a real job. Find a girlfriend and take down that Crazy8 poster in your room, you mariconassdude. You're never going to meet Crazy8s in real life, no matter how hard you dream about it, and if you do then both of you guys can give each other the manliest blowjobs till you past out.

There he is.. Good old Metro acting like its 2004... Kinda missed it to be honest. And hes doing with a Stephon Marbury Sig to boot.

I'll be honest i rarely post at this point in my life just check in for updates.. But i don't like the whole Player thread. Gets to massive and too much topic changes.

Each Topic should have a thread as long as its not over the top 30 threads on one topic.