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Thread: Congrats Metro.

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    I seriously think that KO should create a sticky flame war thread and whoever doesn't like eachother should duke it out in that thread. As long as posters are not doing anything against the law they should be able to speak their mind about eachother in that thread.

    With the "Flame War Thread" posters should strickly keep their hatred and disdain for eachother in that thread. And whoever decides to break the rules by personally attacking someone outside of the thread should receive one warning from Rady. If they break the rules once again after getting their warning they automatically receive a 2 week ban from the site. If they happen to accumulate five temporary bans then the next ban that they receive would be a permanent ban from the site.

    This idea could allow posters to disagree and speak their mind about eachother but also suffer repercussions if they take things too far.
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