I don't think it's important who won the beef here, obviously KO took a huge blow at the end of the day with Crazy8's departure. I really don't think anyone's happy about that. But i respect his decision. And if he's starting his own project - like i already told him - he's got my full support. He's got mad talent, creativity and has dedicated tons of him time to make KO a better place, i can't be more thankful for that.

When i had to pick the mod crew, both him and metrocard were solid candidates and the wisest choice for me to make was to give them both a chance. I knew about their past feuds but i hoped that by giving them some responsibilities within the forum, will motivate them strong enough to keep the personal insults and rants out. I might be wrong but I still think this was the best way to handle it. What happened in the past week only proves that this incident was bound to happen sooner or later anyway, i'm just extrmely dissapointed that it happened during our best season in a decade, we should have had other concerns than flame wars between moderators.

The main thing that started all of this was the player performance threads. One of KO's biggest issues before all of this was the multiple threads on a player, the front page had 3-4 active threads about Lin or Melo and it was extremely difficult to follow the discussion. Some of them were duplicates so you gotta understand where metrocard (who brought the idea in the first place) was coming from.

While i do like to keep everything well organized and the similar discussion to go single threaded i understand the need of having separate topics, at least for the breaking news or anything that's hot. It does attract more posters here if they see new titles and the webiste gets better indexed by the search engines. That means more chances for KO to get new members.
So the basic idea - that i've already thrown to metrocard in an earlier PM is to keep the player performance threads but if there's anything that one might think deserves its own thread, it goes separately. Once the talk is done it CAN be merged with the player performance thread but a shadow to the original thread must be left. If there's anyone who has a better solution for this problem i'm open as always to suggestions.