Biritsh ppl are speaking 3 languages + alot of dialects about 30

if u are talkin that metro speaks english and spanish thats nothing to be proud about its basic must .

how about speaking Mandarin langague that is using for over 1 billion ppl

and every instruction of every device contain that language

Spanish becam 2nd official language of the world English has been dropped down to 3rd but its a lot diffrences in UK english and American

In Europe lot ppl learning british [not all ppl like it] and Scandinavians use american

What about Hindi & Arabic countries where is Islam most religious ppl in our World Arabic i dont need comment that we all know it.

Polish is 30th and 40 mln ppl use that.

Dutch only 21 but americans r mistaken this language as "Germans"
they dont know diffrences between dutch german deutsch.

In Poland young ppl are brainwashed "by great american dream" [usually by TVN/Polsat Entertainment content] but the point is all they know/learn is english but when they meet foreiger they behaving like hipnotyzed and after that they are dissaponted/cry and angry that they are paying for learning and then loosing with stress

This is goverment issue that they were teaching mostly German and Russian in 90s now u can even learn Japanese but u will not find that easy and cheap

Its Simple group must over ~10 ppl .

if u are strong in languages try find diffrences between such languages as writing

Arabic vs Urdu

Mandarin vs Cantonese

i think we have some asian ppl in herre besides Cr8zy