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Yes and u know me better than Myself its describer your OWN IQ level which is below standard of americans reading abilty.

If u called me rasitst how about you violent language and u know NOTHING BOUT EUROPE coz U are simply to DUMP freak.

U even didnt met me and u already calling me racist

look @ your photos all u can do i talling THE **** THE CRAP brainless moron
I can't take offense to anything you said because you're already the biggest insult in here. You are you, and to me that's a really worst thing to be. I won't even comment on your flaws because I don't want you to change or help yourself, stay how you are. If 8s invited you then that shows what kind of character 8s is.

My photos are awesome, you peeped my jawline? Sexy as fuc.k