So just putting on GM cap here. Want to know the thoughts on the forum here.

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I was looking at the Knicks, Lakers, and Mavericks.

The Dallas Mavericks are looking to make a trade and that was backed up by owner Mark Cuban on Monday.

"We're letting everybody know that the 'Bank of Cuban' is open," Cuban told "If it's the right deal, we don't mind taking back money. But we're not going to do a trade just to do a trade. It's got to be worthwhile."

The Mavs want to be a player in the free agent market beginning in July and they likely have put it out to other teams that they are willing to take back more salary in trades, for players with expiring contracts, as a way to stock assets. The team is currently about $10.1 million below the luxury tax threshold.

Knicks get: Shawn Marion and Steve Blake
Lakers get: Amare, Chris Kaman, Pablo Prigioni
Mavs get: Pau Gasol, Chris Copeland, Ronnie Brewer

My reasoning:

Mavericks are looking for a splash and everyone knows Pau Gasol is a good player that is stuck in a bad situation. He doesn't fit the team anymore and would be revitalized somewhere else. In comes Dallas, Cuban is looking for a splash in free agency but odds are they won't gamble again. They want someone that will instantly make them better and Gasol does that. Having a Gasol/Dirk front court is the best scoring front court in the NBA. Put Gasol at center and Dirk at the 4 and you have two legit options down low. Mavericks also get Brewer to replace Marion's defensive prowess and a very good underrated scoring option in Chris Copeland sporting a high per. Woodson is not playing Copeland enough and doesn't trust him consistently. Cope will do better on another team that will use him more. Plus Mavs want 1 year deals and Brewer and Cope are on 1 year deals.

Knicks want to dump Amare and the Lakers look like the most likely destination because of Steve Nash and since Buss is desperate for wins and will spend to do it. We would get back Shawn Marion and Steve Blake. Marion is a solid defensive forward that can score and rebounds which we suck at. Blake is just to let Lakers dump someone they don't want, and he makes 3's which we love shooting. Knicks would save salary but get back only one decent player. Knicks are not looking for talent, just cap space and less years.

Lakers need a stronger bench and another scoring option. Amare is the scoring option and played fantastic in the 2010 all star game with Dwight Howard in which they were lobbing alley oops to each other. Amare is also great in pick and rolls and Mike D helped Amare score 25 ppg in 2010. Knicks would also trade Pablo Prigioni because he is a great pick and roll PG and the Lakers are lacking solid PG play. Chris Kaman would be coming off the bench as a solid back up center. Lakers bench of Prigs/Meeks/Jamison/Hill/Kaman is solid.

Mavs and Lakers need a change and are desperate, the Knicks just need to dump Amare.

So i expect haters to say how dumb and useless this was but im looking for anyone that thinks these teams might do something big this season or the next. And if my reasoning makes any sense.