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    Originally Posted by smokes
    When did we have a competent PG during the 2011-12 season? Never.

    2010-11 star trio of Billups/Melo/Amare performed great in the games where they were not rusty/injured.

    We don't need to run plays for Tyson when Amare is at full strength. Tyson gets his points from pick n roll and putbacks, he's averaging 12 points for the season, that's not a dude you need to run plays for. Amare will be a good decoy for Tyson to get easy points down low, when his offense is back up to scratch.

    All over the league there are two bigs playing next to each other alongside great wing players too, why is it only us Knicks fans who seem to think it's impossible?

    I'm not saying, "Amare & Melo cant co-exist" what im saying is the ball is in Melo's hands, and thats where the gellin starts .. when your offense go through your SF, u want your SF performance to be like Bird, Pippen, Lebron, Pierce, or Marion.

    We did have a competent PG in the 2011-12 season, we had a PG that skills went World-Wide for doing something Amare & Melo couldnt do .. come together with teammates on the court.

    The excuse of no PG is getting old old old .. Boston Big-3, and Miami Big-3 did not have a true PG when they won the Chip ..
    The Big-3 used their passing-skills to improve their PG passing-skills

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    Originally Posted by knicksince 93
    saying everyone made melo better and saying he didn't is disrespectful to him as a player. And is kinda like saying he isn't in there caliber of play and he is just a good enough as them to say he made them better as well. Wow.

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