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    Default Knicks next team USA????

    Dont get me wrong im a die heart knicks fan but isiah making all these big trades might not be that good, all hes doing is taking talented players and puting them together and we saw what hapen to USA... and now he wants to get artest and curry is this all goood???????

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    No, team USA was weak because it had a bunch of ball handlers (Steph, Iverson, Whyade) big dunkers (Jefferson, Whyde) and big men (Lamar Odom, Tim Dunchan ect.) They were clearly missing 3 point shooters and vetrens. Which the Knicks have. Allan Houston will change the whole thing, all this squad has to do is make the playoffs in time for Houston's return. And Kurt, Allan, Hardaway, Williams and Steph are good vets to have. Don't get stupid ideas from stupid writers out there, the Knicks Roster lay-out is nothing like team USA, we have almost NO big men, and we are in the Atlantic Division, our only competition for the Atlantic title is the Raptors, possibly the Sixers, so we can clearly win the Atlantic and get a high spot in the playoffs, setting up Houston's return to the playoffs nicley, so stop thinking such stupid ****!
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