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Camby starting allows for teams to play tighter double teams on Melo

His offense is Jared Jefferies type bad so far

Putting Camby in the starting lineup with Tyson was FOOLISH, DUM, STUPID, and a strong reason to question Mike Woodson ability to coach a contender team in the NBA.

1) The purpose of signing C-Camby was to backup C-Tyson Chandler.

2) Camby return from injury happen to be the same time as Amare return from injury .. coincidence

3) Rather than coach Woodson let the two returning bigmen C-Camby & PF-Amare GELL as a frontcourt tandem coming off the bench getting their minutes together for 10 or more games, coach Woodson does the foolish.

4) Putting Camby in the starting lineup without an injured Tyson, Camby automatically caught the Sheed alergic foot injury .. we could thank coach Woodson STUPIDITY for an injured Sheed & Camby.

5) Our "OLD-HEADS" want to play in a steady lineup with the same teammates in the lineup so they could GELL - CO-EXIST with the players in the lineup. They do not want to be SHUFFLED around in so many different lineups where they never get the chance to GELL with any of their teammates after 5 or more games.

6) This is why we have a poor-Frontcourt rotation with poor-DEFENSE, poor-REBOUNDING, and so many damn INJURIES .. Now we have to worry/wonder about coach Woodson foolish-substitution in the backcourt when both "Shump & Felton" return to the rotation.