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    Default Will London trip be a catalyst?

    As we all know the Knicks' Tyson Chandler and Carmelo Anthony benefited greatly from their time with the Olympic team in London this summer. Both of them are playing outstanding basketball this season.

    Although our recent jump over the pond is obviously just a short one, it's basically a week where they only had to play one game, which was a nice easy one for our returning players Shump and Amare to get their feet wet in (and both did play well).

    I think the trip will do wonders for team chemistry, the players took in a Chelsea football game midweek and I'm sure they've been having plenty of fun exploring London.

    The Knicks last 5 games of January could be a big challenge. Brooklyn are on fire right now but you know the Knicks are going to come to play in this game. We just dropped a game to Boston and you know for sure that both of those games are going to be seriously physical and chippy. It's going to be a big test for us to keep tempers under control and let our basketball do the takling.

    Following that we have to play a great Philly team away from home and then a good but cold Atlanta team (and could be colder judging by Lou Williams knee). We finish the month with Orlando at the garden, hopefully on a positive.

    I'm calling a 5 game win streak right here. Get your votes in.

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    Word!!! Hopefully this trip, the rest it allowed and the togetherness it may have fostered will be a boost for us to turn the corner and go on one of those elite team win streaks.

    These 5 games are huge for us and very winnable if we go after them smart and aggressively.
    After these games the sched right through Feb is VERY VERRRRY favorable. During this stretch we see the return of Felton and Camby even quite possibly the return of Wallace.

    All the while our horses STST and Shump rounding into top game shape.

    I can't wait to see what we are made of not only across the next 5 but the next 20 or so!!

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    Can only be a good thing, if only for the chance for our guys to get some rest, especially Kidd. Also means Felton misses less games due to only having one game this past week, Shump and STAT get to rest up and Camby also has a bit longer to recover from his injury.

    I also think the trip to London will help spark another run as, on top of the rest and team bonding factors, is that the break wont interfere with momentum. I think a more up-pace team would struggle to get going again after a week with only one game but the rest and change in scenery can only help the Knicks.

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    Taking this vacation in mid season made the Knicks a bit relaxed. They were probably hanging out and getting smashed face while touring the city.... All the while the rest of the league was back in the states, grinding it out every other night.

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