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    Default Would you have traded Patrick Ewing for Michael Jordan?

    A few years ago there was a short lived debate on this forum between people that said that they would have traded a prime Patrick Ewing for a prime Michael Jordan and people that would have been against that trade.

    This is an interesting question because both players were the cornerstone of their franchises, were top 5 players in their day, helped their teams have success in the playoffs, were great rivals, and are hall of famers now.

    The only major differences that one could point out between the two players was that Jordan ended up winning championships while Patrick Ewing fell short of a couple of titles, a Bulls team led by Jordan always got the best of a Knicks team led by Patrick Ewing in the playoffs, a prime Michael Jordan was the best player at his position while a prime Patrick Ewing was one of the best players at his position, and Michael Jordan won 5 MVP awards while Ewing never won an MVP even though I believe he deserved at least one.

    You could make a case that what helped Michael Jordan win titles was that he played alongside a top 10 player in Scottie Pippen while Ewing never had anyone of that caliber on his roster.I'm sure some people believe that had Ewing had the supporting cast that Michael Jordan had in the years in which he won his six titles that Ewing would have not gone titleless throughout his career. And I'm sure there are people that believe that Jordan was so talented that he could have won championships with any NBA roster.

    Putting your Knicks/Ewing bias and Bulls/Jordan hatred aside would you have made that deal at the time had you've been able to?
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