Novak is just taskman
all he does is 3pt
but i dont think that he knows that he CAN shot as in your face i dont know maybe he is afraid of block but just look @ Tim hardaway he does same.

Now if they will be playing same with Felton i am worry that we will be again out of playofss but this time in 2nd round.

There was no D in 1st half

There is TOO MUCh simply on MELO and he need 2nd scorer STAT all what he can doo is just dunking

lot mismatches WTF is this Lopez vs Kidd

i HOPE that Felton will change everything.

since 18-6 we are 6 - 8

Now Pacers are nr 1 D team

Bulls are 5th

we cant just look @ Heat

now we can simply jump down from 2nd seed to 5th

i was waiting for this game since AJ was fired and PJ 10-1
and i am simply dissapointed.

Knicks are only team in NBA that from beggining of the season HAVE NOT full roster available in 1 game.Now we got only 2 missing Camby and Wallace. Felton will b back this week.