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I don't know about that just yet. I've been watching a lot of Net, OKC and Knicks games this year. The Knicks have the deeper team, a true playoff team, but if they don't get healthy they will fail. Nets are serious and clicking. They are tough, go hard in every game from the beginning to the end (something the Nets never did), and they can actually ball. There are just too many old heads on the Knicks roster, and if they can't heal up, contribute and help the team... than the Knicks are in serious trouble.

Felton and sheed will make a difference 4sure. But, I'm starting to think Amare is done. He will have to alter his game drastically if he expects to compete at a higher level. As of now he is hurting the rotation with his *****cat play and his inflatted contract. Trying to fit him in when he is not even performing or helping much is going to hurt. He's the weak link and I'm not so proud to say that, it actually hurts. The season is reaching its half way point, hopefully Woody will figure this thing out. There's still plenty of time left but not enough left for certain players... if they don't get their act together.
What kind of drastic change do you thing Amare has to make other than defending on every possession and putting more effort on getting rebounds? Scoring wise he's been okay. Regardless of his contract, Amare will be needed for this team to advance in the playoffs.