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a tough loss, shoulda/coulda been a win if Joe's Johnson didn't go off at the end. Knicks D keeping Bklyn scoreless for 5 minutes in 4Q was a good sign, but Joe > Melo at the end. ce la vie.

i'm liking the KO support for Felton, I agree his healthy return, mixed with STAT and Shump feeling better, is going to impact this squad mightily.

I don't mind this loss all that much, makes the rivalry all the more intense.

Knicks were out-rebounded by twin uglies Lopez/Humpfreeze, who had 5 offensive bounds each, 24 total between them. not good.

Knicks forced 19 TO's compared to only 5. that's pretty good.

Novak invisible, except for a couple bounds. if he hits a couple in the 14-15 min he's allotted, it's a different game.
did not happen.

Brewer, Prigger - scoreless. feh.

Cope started, did OK, but only 15 minutes. the fact that he's getting same amount of minutes as Novak, but producing a hella lot more deserves some attention. put more hope in the land of Cope, son.

STAT looking better and better... starting lineup, here we come.

a strange day, with MLK remembrance, presidential inauguration, and Knick game. i'll take this loss with a grain of salt, and keep in mind all the things Martin Luther King Jr and Barack Obama had to say.

Let's not put those two polar opposite guys in the same sentence.