My Knicks did not turn out the way I expected 39 games in the season ..
reminding me of 1999 Ewing/Camby/Spree/Houston

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Truth is we re playing right now without true PG
u made some decent points .. butt .. u forgot Boston Big-3 and Miami Big-3 didnt have a True-PG

Melo cant be only scorer of this team with JR
we need other scorers too
We do have other scorers .. butt .. their not allowed to get 2 or 3 shot-attempts to warm-up each game, when Melo & JR does that everytime they come back on court.
There's no other reason than selfishness "WHY" Amare/Novak/and now Chandler has not been averaging 9 to 10 shot attempts in the last 6 games by now .. especially without Felton in the rotation (Felton was on his way to averaging 17 shot attempts this season before injury) .. Rasheed was averaging 7 shots

personaly JR said on his twitter that its "disrespectful" for fans that they lost
ha-ha, JR are shooting-fans away before the lost LOL .. JR facilitating as a PG dont get him assist and dont get him to the foul-line .. so JR should be limited to just 9 shot attempts per game .. JR minutes should be according to his passing-ability, rather than scoring .. especially with Amare & Shump added to the rotation.