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    Originally Posted by Number3
    Who wanted Jr swish to stop shooting.??? Loll dont hidee

    I am behind JR and Melo to shoot until they cant lift off the court. It tells you alot about a guy's heart to take that shot and lock up on D on the final drive after shooting horrible all game like that.

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    Nice game from the Knicks (just watched it through on League Pass, might have to subscribe after the free trial). Although the shots weren't falling and the selection was poor, was great to see JR keep focus on the other parts of his game like defence and rebounding. Pierce turning it over twice in the last minute was sweet, especially after the amount of times he's killed the Knicks in the past. Amar'e still getting better and better, struggled with foul trouble but the block and dunk in transition was a great play and more like the pre-trade Amar'e that signed as a free agent and was getting MVP chants. More of the same please.

    Did anyone else notice Garnett taking a couple of cheap shots at Shump in this game? A few times he left his leg in on screens, sly little pushes and knees everywhere. Maybe I'm being a bit biased and over protective of Shump and even Garnett wouldn't deliberately try to reinjure a second year guy coming off ACL surgery but still glad we got this one over them and the cheap shots didn't work.

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    Our defense rise up, and that's good sign.

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    It proved that we can win in a hostile enviroment.

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