Most importantly, there's too much money in an 82-game owners would be against this all the way which is why 82-game season will be here forever and I won't be surprised they push it to more games.

But looking at it from a health stand point.

Injuries are apart of the game. We've seen so many injuries this year, and I don't know if anyone has a great source where they can dig with the assurances of injuries that have been happening this year in comparison with previous years, but I believe it's been increasing. We're talking about players physically superior compared to the average players of 10-20-and 30 years ago. Game is not as physical as it use to be, but anytime it does get physical, players get hurt and eventually that injury will sit a player out for weeks or months or it can be severe. Sometimes it may happen out of no where like Derrick Rose. Those things you can't control. Injuries are apart of the game...

I grew up playing baseball...watching baseball with my grandfather, but as I got older, the entire format was boring to me. 162 games is way too many games especially in comparison to a 16 game playoff format to win the world series, that ratio just seemed off to me.

NFL, in the other hand; has beautiful format thus their popularity........but to their advantage their games are knockouts....not playoff series best of 5s or 7s....just one game and go home, thats where the difference is.

In Spain, they take winter break halves. Meaning, they play one half of the season in the fall and the other half in the spring. They play about 34 matches in total.

I believe personally that the NBA just needs 64 games. You spread these games out so teams can have enough time to rest and recover from previous games. I also believe no one watches all 82 games, probably 40-60 full games, and the rest highlights.

I rather see star players play at 100% than see a sluggish Melo take bad shots because he got hacked hard and the ref didn't call it, Melo is in a bad mood and goes in chuck mode.(still love Melo tho).

I love the NBA, it's my favorite league to follow and I'll still follow it if it went to 100 games.

I'm gonna add a poll to this.