They play good in relatively short spurts and they typically take care of the ball, but they are far from a championship contender. Waaay too much iso and standing around. Did JR Smith even have one open look the entire game, but he jacked up 16 shots? That last three he hit is something I barely call an open look, it was a great close out. Novak hasn't seen more than a few good looks every now and then. They barely play pick and rolls and I did not see Melo go through one screen (didn't see the entire game) to get an open look from mid-range or rolling to the basket. There are barely any plays called for Stat - looks like his post game is legit, and looks more agile from a traditional low post position with his back to the basket. How many pick and rolls start with Stat? I think Melo can play decoy at times and set screen for others. Flat out, dude needs to create for others. I know he is a hell of a shooter, but enough of these off-balance threes.

bottom line is this: the Knicks are not playing that well and must get their act together. Sure, when Felton returns to the lineup, it'll be a different story, but why does the entire chemistry have to change cause we are missing our starting pg. The NJ Nets (yes, I said NJ) and Heat will give the Knicks fits. I'd be more comfortable if we had a better backup pg that calls the shots and looks for others rather than go to Melo 90% of the time.