I would go with this list.

1.Reggie Miller- This guy used to not miss a shot against the Knicks during the 4th quarters of crucial games in the playoffs.

2. Michael Jordan- Jordan used to kill the entire league but he did his fair share of damage against the Knicks in the playoffs.

3. Paul Pierce- In the past few years he has emerged to have caused the Knicks a lot of heart breaking losses. I don't think any player has hit more big shots against the Knicks in the last 3 years than Pierce has.

4. Tim Hardaway- I cannot forget how this guy used to be very clutch with the Miami Heat whenever they played the Knicks. He was one of those guys that would come to life vs the Knicks.

5. Jason Kidd- I know he is a Knick now but when he was with the Nets it seemed like they never loss a game against the Knicks.