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Woodson is a clown right now, he's afraid to make adjustments and doesn't adapt to our problems. I guarantee you guys if we fail, it will be on Woodson because he hasn't change a god damn thing ever since we started the season. NBA teams aren't stupid and will figure a team out within time. We got figured out within 20 games and our shooting percentage has decreased over it. I understand the offense won't be fluid without a penetrating PG like Felton, but Woodson has been to quiet and hasn't expressed any contempt with JR Smith's shot selection (shooting 33% the last 10 games, 35% for the month) and Carmelo settling for jumpers this month(shooting 40% for the month).

Screw that, it's Woodson's responsibility as a coach to address his superstars and find solutions to their problems.

Melo isn't a PF and we can't play him at PF all season long. A trade is needed to balance this line up, or a line up change is needed. We've been losing too many winnable games and it's going to get to the point that we'll keep faking this "Don't Panic" mode and realize we need to panic because this is really our best year and best chance to win a title, if we don't do it this year; Chandler gets older, Melo has to start over again, Amare gets older, Kidd retires, Felton gets older, Thomas, Wallace, Camby retires, Smith gets older...the only guy who's really in the stage where he hasn't touch his prime is Shumpert. We're an old ass team and we need to hit the championship with a one punch KO in the 12th round, it's our only shot.

I don't have faith in Mike Woodson. Not a bad coach, but he ain't no Phil Jackson baby.
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First off trades and a new coach will only push us further back not make us better. Plus there is no trades out there to be made without trading Shump and/or Chandler other than that there is nothing we can really do.

Championships are not won in January.... these losses suck but they are not gonna make or break our season firing a coach or another trade deadline move will. look right now with or without Rondo I do not want to play a first round series against Boston or Philly (the likely 8th seeds) so I'm cool with 2nd and a Mil or offensively challenged Pacers.