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Where's the DEFENSE ?????

44 minutes of NO-NO-NO-DEFENSE from ISO-Melo .. Melo performance kept Atlanta in the game .. Atlanta Hawks had a season high shooting 60% from FG percentage 39-65 fga. Melo & JR are always lost on the defensive-end .. Melo is only playing for his stat-scoring-record making the Knicks-Team look like a non-playoff team (shooting 38% thru the month of January).

Coach Woodson is clueless on coaching Felton & Shump .... PG-Teague scored 27 easy points, PG-Holiday scored 35 easy points, and PG-Rondo had a tripple-double, in our last 3 games.
Felton never could defend PG in his career, Shump is suppose to defend all our oponents PG when Felton is on the court .... Hint: we gave PG-Toney Douglas 27 minutes per game as a backcourt tandem with Felton, to defend oponents PG, which led to Felton having his best season in the NBA.
I agree the defense is a work in progress, but coach woody has had to use more linups than LB with all the injuries. As pointed out during the broadcast last-night STAT, Felton, Shump, Cambyman, and Sheed have all missed signifigant time. Defense is a team game, not just one players responsibility. Yeah Teague got off in the first 3 quarters, but where was he down the stretch? INVISIBLE. I would rather have a donut like Teague get-off than Josh Smith or Horford becuase Teague is a 3rd/4th option. As long as our defense keeps teams to around 100 pts or less, we have a punchers chance to win because we have one of the best closers in the game. MELO-ISO