I distinctly recall coach saying he was going to design an offense that featured our two stars.

Now I understand we've dealt with injuries and flux but what I see isn= an offense built to feature Stat and Melo.

In fact I see the kind of nondescript, undisciplined style of Mike D'Antoni where:

Players are encouraged to chuck away with the "I was open" rationale

Fundamentals are lost

False positives are cultured and where playerswho were told to "just play" have no real foundation or identity to fall back on.

I've listed my concerns with this type of approach many times over, as others have.

I've also mentioned the lack of rebounding and loofing is a byproduct of this type of system.

So I ask... What's up? This isn't what you sold us coach and definitely what I didn't sign up for.

Simply stated, play your best players. STOP trying to overthink and reinvent the whell with these impromptu lineups night in and out. It detracts from gel, and chemistry.

Stat has shown his offensive prowess and I realize he's not the best on defense however...
He's the best PF we have. Sheed and Camby can balance out his short-comings... that's what they're here for.

If Shump off and injury can start immediately, then there's no excuse for sta.

F*ck all the "its who finishes sh*t"!

Start right, build a lead, demoralize, then bring in Chuckers and undisciplined players for stretches. Always go with what we know. And we know as Woody said

Our stars will get the bulk of touches.

Once you realize this you'll realize players like Smith etc... Must learn to acquiecse to our power players. Not chuck because they're open.

Discipline is instilled by leadership. Our problems as much as they are about injuries are also about being undisciplined.

Coach, wake up and get back to basics. Stat & melo... then everyone else. We didn't pay $100mil to see the 6th man of the year.