Dear Nazr, Kurt, Vin, Jerome, and Michael,
Let's see how good you really are!! This road trip is the toughest you will have this year. Marbury will get his. When determined, nobody can stop him. And when they try he seems to find the other 4 very easily. However this will be a challenge fpr you guys defensively. After the Jermaine Show, I don't think you want an encore. Lenny suggested thant you must meet the bigs earky so they won't get into a favorable position to score. Thats a good idea. I think you should take it. Let's not come out sluggish again. You guys are proven to be a great team ONLY and ONLY when you play defense. Anytime you guys get lazy it seems like you guys don't belong on the court. Well anyway let's see how good you guys are. If you play hard these three games something positive should comeout of it.
A Knick Fan